Tony Kart


In 2015 we decided to shift to a new brand of kart, TonyKart’s derivative the FA kart. The colors look great and also being the name sake of double world F1 champion Fernando Alonso (FA) aren’t the reasons for the shift. We have a unique collaboration with KGT in Italy who are our home team when we race at the World Finals and together we make use of the famous TonyKart.

Top Kart


It can’t be denied that many of the great past or present Formula 1 champions started out on the many karting tracks all over the world and got their training as pilot there.

COMER-TOP KART has been following the development and the success of this sport since 1980, investing in technology, quality and professionalism; these are the features that have led COMER-TOP KART to become a leader in the panorama of world karting.