Squadra Corse, directly translated from Italian, means Team Racing and we are a racing team that incorporates several specialised services. One of our intentions is to expand as a racing academy for drivers, technicians and industry participants.

Squadra Corse was established in early 2012 by Team Principle Elijah Mpho Gumbi. The vision behind creating this racing team is to achieve success within motorsport by growing the sport to include historically disadvantaged communities (HDCs), but not limited to HDCs. The team is focused on achieving excellence for the drivers, technical staff and partners.

Development Model

We believe in empowering people and supporting young entrepreneurs. Where possible, we acquire services from other youth-owned companies. These services include catering, photography, graphic design, PR and media. The companies we are proud to have built a relationship with over the past year include:

> F2 Productions (Television Production)

> dgtl-fusion (Graphic Design)

> The K Word (Web Services & IT)

> Write Here (Content Creation)

Skills development plays an integral role in development. This is why we have invested in training mechanics from previously disadvantaged communities and formulating our theoretical exercises that are motorsport-specific.

We have a vision of equipping those that are interested in motorsport with the necessary skills and knowledge to be involved, work in and contribute to the sport. To date, we have trained 18 technical staff, some working in a part-time capacity and others employed on a full-time basis.
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