The Rok is a 125cc single-cylinder 2 stroke engine by Vortex and it has three prized qualities for the present karting world which are: easiness of use, high performances and relative low maintenance costs.

After a multi-year experience in the karting world, we in Vortex have created an engine which is easy to use and also exciting to drive. The Rok has been made by paying great attention to every single detail; this is the most important quality characterizing all Vortex productions.


When BRP started its kart engine business in the 1980s, the company dominated the market because of its extensive experience in high performance 2-stroke engines. A Rotax engine has won the most kart racing titles – and still leads the list of overall championship titles. At this time, there was a clear split between development and production (BRP-Rotax) and sales & marketing (one distributor was responsible for all markets). The high level of competition in the market required the continuous development of Rotax 100 cc kart engines that increased the cost and limited the market potential.

Modification kits for the 125 MAX engine to cover the complete palette – from the entrance level to the top level of karting. With minor upgrades, the Micro MAX can be converted to a Mini MAX, Junior MAX and even a MAX – a concept that offers the owner one engine for an entire kart racing career.


50cc 2-Stroke Engine

The Comer C50 engine package is designed for the youngest age group, kids ranging from 5 to 8 years in age.

This 2-stroke 50cc engine package is well suited for use in the beginner class, allowing both the kids and their parents to learn the fundamentals of karting, prior to moving up into an older age bracket or class.

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