Our Partners

Squadra Corse, directly translated from Italian, means Team Racing and we are a racing team that incorporates several specialised services. One of our intentions is to expand as a racing academy for drivers, technicians and industry participants. Skills development plays an integral role in development. This is why we have invested in training mechanics from previously disadvantaged communities and formulating our theoretical exercises that are motorsport-specific.

We have a vision of equipping those that are interested in motorsport with the necessary skills and knowledge to be involved, work in and contribute to the sport, this vision is shared by our extended family of team partners.

Ntiyiso Consulting Group

As an authentically African and globally wired management consulting firm which “seeks to empower institutions that enable Africa’s development”, the Ntiyiso Consulting Group is proud to associate with Squadra Corse. Beside it being the biggest and the only Black-owned karting racing team, Squadra Corse are game changers in motorsport. In the decade of their existence they have produced multiple national and regional champions who have gone on to make a mark on the international stage. This culture of winning and excellence is one we share as the Ntiyiso Consulting Group.

Our work in Revenue Management as a recognised market leader within the public sector, as well as Industrialisation Consulting and Business Consulting, demands nothing but excellence. The speed factor, control, attention to detail and dexterous execution as ingredients for winning is what attracts us to racing. Just like Squadra Corse; speed, control, and attention to detail is what we strive to perfect with each one of our client engagements. The high risk-reward factor in racing speaks directly to our entrepreneurial culture of embracing the possibility of failure whilst pursuing innovation and speed.

This partnership is also in line with our ethos of empowering institutions that enable Africa’s development. Its success will not only enable Squadra Corse to continue widening access to what would otherwise be seen to be an exclusionary sport, but also keep us true to our commitment to excellence in everything we do.

Impuma Group

Fueling the passion for young South Africans in the Motorsport industry!

At Impuma Group we have a coalition of cutting-edge companies, each with a resourceful spirit and an entrepreneurial drive. We are passionate, we are committed and we are intentional. Each a formidable business in their respective fields, from Telecoms and Financial Services to Energy, Property and Consulting (Engineering and Electronics), the Impuma Group of companies have come together to create a dynamic environment in which entrepreneurs thrive, businesses grow and prosperous partnerships are cultivated.

With such a strong driving force behind our businesses, what would be better suited than supporting young black motorsport enthusiasts, through Squadra Course. Chairman Lonwabo Sambudla “We are proud and honoured to be part of this dynamic racing crew.”


In response to South African market demand, in 2013 local expert quantity surveyors MMQS and Mace started working together, winning appointments in the infrastructure sector. By combining local cost management experience and market knowledge with international expertise and additional services such as project and programme management, they are able to provide outstanding service to their clients.

MMQS has established a reputation in delivering remarkable results that exceed client expectations and from its inception, Mace has been shaped around a clear purpose to dream bigger, transform and innovate. The company’s purpose is to redefine the boundaries of ambition and this energises the team to improve, innovate and exceed expectations.

This philosophy makes MMQSMACE the perfect partner for Squadra Corse. Sharing the common goal of pushing harder and testing boundaries, both are team players that strive for being the best of the best.


Young drivers who are intent on pursuing a professional career in motorsports often feel overwhelmed by the sheer logistics involved in moving from novice to professional status. The steps in-between can seem insurmountable, and this is often the stumbling block to continuing with their development and growth process.

All of these challenges and concerns are handled by a team that has extensive experience in ensuring all the dots are connected, guided by a team that has successfully developed young drivers using a well-thought-out, flexible and strategic programme.

ICAN was officially launched in 2021 to assume the role of ‘Big Brother’ for young drivers. The team has been involved in nurturing and developing young driver talent for the past 14 years and recently decided to formalise this collective knowledge into a driver development programme that takes care of all the small and large details on the driver’s career journey.


Pioneers seek pioneers. This is evidenced by the fruitful relationship between Ruj Investments and Squadra Corse. Another point of commonality is the underlying drive to invest in and develop the citizens of Africa. Ruj Investments Pty has grown from a modest undertaking within the funeral and financial services space in 2013 to an enterprise with a wide range of subsidiaries. The vast investment portfolio within these subsidiaries range from production, through the agricultural market to information and communications technology.

The team at Ruj Investments is passionate about upliftment within the African continent and this spirit of benevolence led to Ruj Investments becoming a Squadra Corse sponsor. The company’s sponsorship will assist young Squadra Corse drivers in their quest for the ultimate racing category in motorsport.