Squadra Corse’s Mini-Rokkers fare well at Rok Cup Superfinal

The 17th edition of the Rok Cup Superfinal, held on 16 October in South Garda, Italy played host to 435 drivers from 35 countries.

Squadra Corse sent Luviwe Sambudla, Mabunda brothers Mahlori and Ntiyiso, and Enzo Rujugiro to fly the South African flag for the team. 

The race event is held at the end of the Rok season and sees all Rokker drivers coming from all around the world to compete in this formidable race event, which assigns the title of Rok absolute champions.

“Squadra Corse had a good shot at the Superfinals and Luviwe made it to the final but a really unfortunate decision made in the preceding preliminary heat, determined that we started way down the order from where we deserved,” says Mpho Eli Gumbi, owner and team principal of the Squadra Corse team.

Gumbi points out that Sambudla was never lower than P6 on the road at the flag and he drove in the A final from last place to P11. “I could proudly say that he was almost the only pilot to watch as he moved swiftly forwards, determined to gain his South African Colours, to show the world we do have skills and that each setback only brings us to the biggest come back,” adds Gumbi. 

“We are also incredibly proud of both Mabunda boys. Ntiyiso was also on target to be in the final but unfortunately had one bad race. However, a P8 finish in the B Final and brother Mahlori in P20 is not to be sneezed at. We need to remember it’s the first time here with the Mabunda boys and considering that they have no previous experience at this level, just making the cut is an incredible achievement,” Gumbi points out. 

He continues: “Enzo has been progressively working hard on his racing and his racing in Europe. His journey started in the WSK race in South Garda about a month ago with the CRG factory team. Consider that in that first experience, Enzo was classified P99. Then he went to Adria and he was classified P88. Although disappointed that he didn’t make it to one of the finals, he had nevertheless improved to P66, which is an amazing improvement of 33 places. This is in spite of the fact that in one of the qualifying heats, he was unlucky enough to receive a horrible punt that had him almost out of the game. “All in all, we have every reason to hold our heads high and celebrate all these achievements. We are optimistic that the 2022 season will see further great improvements from the boys,” says Gumbi.

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