What an amazing year for Squadra Corse

15 Dec, 2021

The Squadra Corse team has had an amazing racing year, with huge improvements being the order of the day.

“We have invested a great deal of time and effort into honing the skills of the drivers, pushing them beyond their boundaries and showing them just what can be achieved when they are prepared to dig deep. The achievements are nothing short of incredible and we are exceptionally proud of how far they have come in mere months,” says Mpho Eli Gumbi, owner and team principal of the Squadra Corse team.

Breeding a winning attitude

“Out of nine drivers hosted by Squadra Corse this year, a record seven of them received honoured achievements. This is just the beginning for us. We are gearing up for more wins and incredible performances in 2022,” says Gumbi.

  • National champion – Mini ROK – Luviwe Sambudla
  • National Champion – KZ2 – Keagan Masters
  • Top 15 Mini ROK World Cup – position 11 – Luviwe Sambudla
  • SA Colours (2nd colours awarded) – Luviwe Sambudla
  • Africa Open Champion – DD2 – Bradley Liebenberg
  • Regional Championship – Mini ROK – Mahlori Mabunda 
  • Regional championship – Junior Max – Jayden Goosen
  • Runner-up Regional Championship – Mini ROK – Ntiyiso Mabunda
  • Position 3 in the Regional Championship – Junior Max – Karabo Malemela
  • Youngest Driver award – Cadet – Omolemo Mfana
  • OKJ Championship – position 3 – Lwandle Pule.

“There are four groups of people who help to make the driver’s aspirations come to fruition and which provide the necessary support for breeding champions:

  • The highly experienced coaching and mentoring team, all with a stellar background in motorsport, provide the knowledge and encouragement needed to assess the drivers and offer advice that allows them to identify proven ways to improve their performance.
  • The service providers namely RKT, GMP and Jack Pienaar for our powertrains, CRG Factory Team and Mr. Tinini for your support. And of course, Würth South Africa and Volkswagen South Africa for believing in us.
  • The financial and emotional support of the boys’ parents, who create a home and on-track environment that allows the boys to shine.
  • Finally, our amazing sponsors who provide the much-needed supplementary financial support that allows the team to make an indelible print on South African motorsport,” says Gumbi.
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